Manufactured Evil First Draft


This is a game about plastic pollution and its implications. Showcasing some of the possible decisions we as individuals as well as the people in positions of power can make to help combat this huge issue our planet is facing. It’s a game created by me and my partner Nourhan Tantawi. We still intend on expanding more on the scenarios as well as making the game more visually appealing however at this stage we’re looking for feedback to help us in improving the game. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

4 thoughts on “Manufactured Evil First Draft

  1. This is a good start. Some of the consequences need more details .. like “you killed a turtle though” is really abrupt and not well explained.
    I also want to understand where you are getting your information from, and why you chose Philippines???


  2. I really like the game because he used the html format on power point presentaion. It is really interesting and encouraging because even though for example you chose to leave the trash in the street or on the beah he encourages you to put it next time in the garbage. The ideas and the question (and options) are very smart and intertaining. Finally, the fact that you can view it from the president side and citizen side is extremely important and informative.


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