Manufactured Evil Narrative Game Change Log & Final Reflection

Link to the game:

Link to blog post of first draft of the game:

28th March: Game Release V1.0

7th April: V1.1 was released.

Changes in this patch:

  • Added Visuals
  • Added sources to visuals

8th April: V1.2 was released.

Changes in this patch:

  • Added more visuals.
  • Added sources to information

10th April: V1.3 was released.

Changes in this patch:

  • Changed some of the visuals
  • Changed some of the paragraphs in the game

11th April: V1.4 was released.

Changes in this patch:

  • Changed font
  • Changed background
  • Changed visuals
  • Shortened the long paragraphs
  • Added more sources

If we had more time we would have added a part at the end of the game that’d calculate how environmentally friendly the player was. We initially thought to add a score counter that’d be shown throughout the game so that the people would know what they did right or wrong. However, we decided not to do that as we felt that it’d give an incentive to the player to choose the good choices while we wanted them to choose what they actually do based on their free will. An end game score that’s hidden throughout the game itself so that the player would get the feeling of satisfaction if they did well or maybe a feeling of guilt and shame if they didn’t do that well (looking at you, turtle killers). We also wanted to add more scenarios to the game and make it just a bit longer.

While creating the game, we learnt a lot about the problem of plastic pollution that’s taking over the world. We learnt about the countries who are leading the world in the amount of plastic waste produced every year as well as the ones who dump the most plastic into the oceans and seas. We also learned that people in positions of power have a lot of choices that they can do that would make us deal with this epidemic that’s threatening the whole world. More importantly, we learned about a lot of the stuff that we as individuals can do to combat the issue by changing our lifestyles or changing the way we think about our plastic consumption. We also learned that forcing people to change isn’t the answer, instead having campaigns about awareness of that problem would be a much better solution.


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